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Condensation/Damp Survey

Condensation is apparent when high levels of humid air become trapped within a property because of poor ventilation not allowing it to escape. Moisture then condenses during contact with cold surfaces such as windows or walls. If condensation is left untreated it will eventually lead to mould growth.

Risk Assessment

Before a condensation survey is carried out we will provide a full risk assessment including an assessment of ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials).


Condensation/Damp surveys are carried out by placing 15mm diameter remote electronic internal and external enviromental data recorders though out your property directly where condensation requires monitoring.

We will collate the data that our data recorders provide to generate graphs that will provide a comprehensive report of the days and times that the condensation is formed and its relation to the usage of the property at that time. From this data we can formulate a course of action to solving the problems of Condensation and Damp.

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